The A-Z List of Fundraising Ideas!

The Lung Association Inspired Fundraising Ideas!

Here is just a small sample of some fun and easy ways you can get started today!

50/50: Sell 50/50 tickets on a Friday to give the lucky winner a great start to the weekend!

Arts & Crafts Sale: Let your imagination go wild, try making greeting cards, scarves or jewelry to sell at an art sale with proceeds being donated.

Assistant for a Day: Raffle off a local celebrity and give them tasks for a day e.g. answering telephones, coffee runs, etc.

A​uction: Get donated items and hold a silent or live auction.

Bake Sale: Gather some friends who like to bake, then sell the delicious treats to your co-workers & friends.

Band Night: Get a local band to play and charge a small cover charge.

Barbeque: Host a lunch or supper barbeque.

Bingo Night: A fun oldie but still a goodie for all ages!

Book Sale: Collect books from people you know and sell them for new readers to enjoy!/p>

Car Wash: Get your friends or teammates together on Saturday afternoon and have a fun day washing cars. 

Casino Night: Blackjack, poker or roulette...take your chance!

Collection Boxes: These are great for the workplace, bridal showers or workshops…You can call it “Loonies for Lungs!”

Dollar for Dollar: Ask your company to match what you raised.

Exhibitions: Display your art, crafts and hobby interests and charge an admission fee to show off your talents! 

Face-Painting:  You can provide face painting for children and have a collection.


Fashion Show: Gather some friends and family in the community and host a fashion show. 

Fun Run: Set a goal and collect pledges to make that personal best a reality. 

Gala Night: Get everyone to dress up in fancy attire and award prizes. 

Garage Sales: Use your garage, shed or car trunk to display your unwanted items to future buyers.

Guessing Game: Guess the correct number of items in a jar,  eg 'How many candies in a jar?'

Haunted House: Host a haunted house with an entrance fee.

Head Shave: Shave or colour your hair an insane color if you hit a certain money amount.

In Lieu Of: Honor your special occasion by asking friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts!

Ice Cream Sundae: Make ice cream sundaes while socializing with friends and peers.

Juice Stand: Squeeze some fresh, natural juices and sell for a donation at work.

Karaoke Night: Bring out your Michael Jackson moves and Elvis Presley voice! 

Lunch: Invite everyone in your workplace, school or friends and family to a simple great lunch.

Movie Night: Make some popcorn, sit back, relax and watch a classic flick with friends. 

Open Garden: Show off your green thumb and invite people to visit your garden oasis. 

Play DJ: Throw a party and get people to pay to play their favourite songs! 

Photo Competition: Showcase your photography skills. 

Quidditch Match/Tournament: Channel your inner wizard or witch and host a Qudditch tournament.

Raffle: Ask local businesses to donate prizes and raffle off the items.

Sidewalk Sale: Gather some friends, family or other businesses and host a sidewalk sale in your community. This could even include yard sales and garage sales.  

Sports Days: Golf tournament, tennis, bowling, darts, curling, hockey, billiards, shuffleboard, etc.

Spelling Bee: Grab a dictionary and hold challenges in your office, club or home.

Speed Dating: Play cupid and organize a matchmaking event.

Tea-Party: Tea is the new fashionable drink of choice! Invite your friends to attend, and go all-out with the finger sandwiches and healthy snacks. 

Trivia Night: "What is a great evening social gathering with facts and figures?" Priceless! 

Treasure Hunt / Geocaching: Place prizes around your home or park and charge an admission to play.

Tug-O-War: Teachers vs. students, company vs company or one town vs. another would be fun! 

Twister-a-Thon: Play an all-day game of Twister with your buddies. People will  donate more if you’re doing it in a public place—your embarrassment may be worth a donation! 

Wax It for Charity: Get sponsored to wax your legs or chest….OUCH!

X-Factor Competition: Channel your inner Simon Cowell and host an X-Factor competition of your own.

Yoga Marathon: Do yoga for a day. You’ll be so bendy by the end of it that you can charge people to watch you tie yourself in knots.

Zumba Challenge: Gather some friends and host a Zumba Challenge night.    




Team Building Ideas For Your Office or Club!


Balloon Pop Surprise: Put a prize note in each balloon (jeans day, gift card, candy bar, sports tickets, etc.) Place balloons in a contained area and have participants pay to pop balloons for prizes.

Bid for The Boss / Lunch with the CEO: See if your team leaders and executives would be willing to auction off a lunchtime slot with them. There might be a lot of people in the office keen to spend some time speaking with them and suggesting new ideas for the company!

Bottle Return: Get everyone to bring in their empty bottles and donate proceeds

Bring and Buy: Ask your team to bring in any unwanted items from home that are still in good condition – clothes, books, DVDs, board games, and children’s toys are all great for this. Price all the items up, book a room for your pop-up store, and invite everyone along for some second-hand shopping.

Company Car Wash: At lunch time, get the staff together to wash car in the parking lot…who doesn’t like a clean vehicle?

Charity Birthdays: Consider swapping birthday celebrations for a charitable donation. So instead of buying cake and a card, give some money to charity in honour of the birthday person.

Dare fundraiser:  Friends challenge each other for donations.  

Dress Down Day: Ask everyone who dresses down to give a small donation.

Great Office Bake Off: Have individuals bake then charge per slice to try! 

Guess The Baby Picture: Ask everyone on the team to send you a baby photo of them and pin the photos up in your main meeting room. Charge a small fee for entry and ask your colleagues to guess!

Holiday Caroling: Get your group together and go to business in your area to spread cheer!

Job Swap: Arrange a day where everyone on your team swaps jobs with a colleague. Have collection buckets on hand all day for people to make donations.

Lunch Box Auction: Employees create gourmet lunches to be auctioned off to the highest bidder or have a Chili Cook-off! 

Lunch & Learn: Find a few people in your team who have a skill they can share, an interesting story to tell. Ask them to prepare a session and invite colleagues to make a donation to join in at lunchtime.

Matched Giving: Ask your HR department if they will match the amount you fundraise! 

Pancake Breakfast: Invite your clients and local business to join in some great networking!

Ugly Sweater/Tie/Hat Day: Everyone donates at the door and the winner of the most horrible sweater as voted by the office, donates the money.

Wine Tasting: Get a group together and try some new vino’s with some great conversation!  

Page Last Updated: 15/04/2020