Wall of Remembrance

The Lung Association's Wall of Remembrance is dedicated to people who have died of lung disease. This is a place to write your tribute to the special person in your life with asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, tuberculosis or other type of lung disease. Your message will be posted here for people to read around the world.

You can write your own tribute below.

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Wall of Remembrance


My Dad fought lung cancer for 6 years after they told him that he had only 2 years left. He was such a fighter. No one should have to go though this teribble disease. He was a smoker since he was 15 years old. He was 52 when he pasted. please tell your chilren and friends NO SMOKING! I LOVE YOU DAD AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.
September 21, 2008

Almost a year has gone by since the last time I saw Grandma. She was the "heart" of our family, the centre, and everyone drew from her. We lost her in November from a long undiagnosed battle with emphysema. I think, if she had known, she would have quit smoking. I miss her everyday and it hurts so much that I can't share my days with her. Every fall, I made my last trip before the snow flies to see her. T
September 21, 2008

In memory of Carlos who passed away August 29, 2008 at the young age of 29 years old. Carlos was diagnosed in August 2006 with Primary Pulmonary Hypertention (PPH)a life treatning disease. I will always remember your smile, your courage and your appetite to live. We miss and love you very much.
September 13, 2008

As a journeyman steamfitter, I've worked around and with asbestos. As a result, I have a condition called pleural plaque. As I understand it, my lungs are encapsulated in a nonelastic membrane. On top of that, I've smoked since I was a kid. When I participated in Elmer's lung capacity measurement survey at SPAH, I pegged the meter. I know that my harmonica is the reason I'm not walking around pushing
September 7, 2008

To the most wonderful father in the world. I love you with all my heart . it was you who made me the strong woman that I am today. You taught me how to love and share, and how ro understand and care for others in need. No one could have given their children more. i will never forget your big smile and warmth. RIP I will always keep your memories in my heart.Written by your oldest daughter Gwen on A
August 14, 2008

I lost my mom Brenda Yateman on March 9, 2007...I wrote on this same wall a week later and today I find myself re-reading what I wrote and what others have written about their loved ones. Today I am sad. Sad because a few weeks after I lost you mom, Jacob was born. It was such a difficult time. It was a time that I was suppose to be happy because I was welcoming one more child into this world, one mor
August 2, 2008

Cheryl went home to early to be home with the Lord....and although her pain is gone and she is in paradise...the pain of losing her now remains with us. She died from complications of COPD from years of smoking. I add this detail to this memorial in hopes that just one individual will be saved in time and reconsider the consequences to addictive stimulates. Cheryl was everyones best friend and full of lif
July 10, 2008

My grandma, i can't believe you are gone..its hard to believe it doesn't even seem like your gone cause i don't think it has kicked in yet, even though it has been seven months. It was hard watching her in the hospital, if she was here today she probably wouldn't have even known what happened in those two weeks she were there. The first night she was there i was there the whole time, it was so hard. The d
June 13, 2008

Antoni Grzegorczyk will be remembered as a man who was a great husband to Janina, a great father to Iwona, Bozena, Renata and Anetta, a father-in-law to Robert, Bryan, Mike and Elvis, and a great granddad to Aiden, Chloe and Konrad. Four weeks ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Today he passed away. Unlike what people always associate with lung cancer, our father did not smoke! If there was a method
May 25, 2008

hey mon,it's been 10 months allready that your gone,i miss you like in the beginning,not one day goes bye, that i don't think of you, or talk of you,to me, you are always there.dad is doing good,but you allready know that...lolll...just thought that i'd leave you a message,i miss you mom,always and forever in my heart.it's hard to say goodbye...xxx
May 21, 2008

Alan will be sorely missed after his passing April 28, 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario. He often spoke fondly of his son and family while we worked at Bell in Dorval. Alan was able to react to and reason out many technical problems in a calm proficient manner, yet his booming voice still echoes in the halls.
May 12, 2008

Grand-pere, ton souvenir a jamais sera graver dans nos memoire.Ta presence, ton esprit vivra eternellement dans nos coeur. Tu as ete un exemple pour nous tous...Tu nous a partager tes valeurs, ta passion et ton bonheur. Ton sourire nous manqueras, tout autant que le son de ta voie...Toujours pret a nous aider, tu etait la a nous proteger. Pepere, jamais je ne pourrai me pardonner davoir ete si loin de to
April 23, 2008

Almost a year now, April 27, 2007, and your were correct. The first of us to go. We watched you suffer but now realize that GOD heard our prayers and did not let you suffer as others have with your disease. For that we are forever greatful to Him. Your faith restored, your stength in dealing with this horror, your joking, being able to be around all your family and friends and refusing to dwell on your i
April 11, 2008

A friend passed away yesterday - April 8th 2008. She just turned 57. She has been fighting this disease (not smoking related!)for 2 yrs (diagnosed on Feb 14, 2006). And although she lost the battle - she never lost her fight. She was a role model for positive living in an uncertain environment. We will miss you Janina.
April 9, 2008

My mom found out the week after mothers day 2007 that she had lung cancer january 26 2008 she went to be with lord bless her heart she could no longer hold the will to fight she just got to weak. This was never suppose to happen she was to go throw cemo and she was to get all better!So anyone out their, even if the odds are in your loved ones favor be prepared for the unexpected... mom we all miss you ver
April 8, 2008

My Mom It has been 8 years since you were taken from us. It seems so long ago. So, many things have changed since your passing from lung Cancer at the age of 53. I just turned 40 last week. I now have 3 wonderful children. I try to keep your memory alive with them. I am still trying to quit smoking. I have quit 3 times and started up again. I am determined to quit this time. I wish I would have never sta
March 27, 2008

ULYSSE MCGRAW deceder le 16 fevrier 2008 d'une fibrose pulmonaire idiopathique.l'amour que tu nous a donner est sans fin meme apres ton depart.veille sur nous cher amour que nous aimions tant.tu sera toujours notre rayon de soleil.tu est deceder a l'age de 62 ans.ta femme,tes filles et tes petit-enfants ainsi que tes gendres . tu sera toujours dans nos coeur et nos penses.xoxoxo
March 16, 2008

cher pere.toi que nous aimions tant,un mari,un grand-pere et un pere exemplaire.tu nous manque tellement.ton passage sur cette terre a ete si breve.tu est deceder a l'age de 62 ans d'une fibrose pulmonaire idiopathique.tu etait sur l'oxygene depuis un bon moment.tu nous a donne tellement d'amour et de valeurs.tes appels nous manques,ta joie de vivre et surtout ton sourire et ta bonne humeur meme dans la m
March 16, 2008

My grandmother died becasue of a diesese called infasima. I was at camp when she died and it was my first time so my parents did not want to pull me out to tell me. I missed her death and funeral. I was devastated. I miss her so much. I wish I could spend one more day with her. I would give anything to. I would give my own life to bring her back. Whenever we would vist she would cook biscuts and gravy. T
March 1, 2008

In Loving Memory of Daniel J Zahn(age 42) who passed away On February 21 from a long courageous fight with Lung Cancer.He was a Loving father who always put his children and family first,and was one of the most devoted Best Friends I could ever ask for....May you be at Peace now My Friend, I will always Love You!
February 28, 2008

February 26, 2008

I miss you so much. I was young when you died, but I still think about you often. I remember going to Florida with you, and I remember you winning me prizes in claw machines. I like those memories, because they were of happier times before I lost you. I hope that wherever you are right now, you're happy and free to dance again. I love you.
February 20, 2008

My mother two years ago was diagnosed with lung cancer they removed part of the lung and then she went for cemo she was doing really well, until November of 2007 when she went to the doctor to have an exam they spotted something on her lung. She started to have cemo and then got really weak and she fell last week so she went into hospital. She then quietly passed away in her sleep on January 22 of 2008. M
January 22, 2008

In December 2007, the respiratory health community in Canada lost one of its long time influential leaders. Starting in 1945, A. Les McDonald served with The Lung Association as a volunteer in Sudbury, Ontario, Chairman of the provincial Board of Directors, and subsequently as a member of staff in the capacity of health education manager. In his retirement, Les assumed the responsibility to lead the Int
January 8, 2008

A remembrance for a wonderful father and husband. Everfondly remembered by family.
December 20, 2007

March 13, 2007 my Mom passed away from SCLC (lung cancer). We miss you more with each passing day, but take comfort in knowing that you aren't suffering any more. If Roses grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in my Mother's arms and tell her they're from me. Tell her I love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for awhile.
November 23, 2007

It's with great sadness that we write our tribute on this Wall of Remembrance to our Mother, Alice Magnusson in her 72nd year who passed away Tuesday, 20 November 2007 of complications from pneumonia and COPD. Mom loved life and all it had to offer. Her nurturing way was clearly seen in her beautiful flower beds and outstanding gardens - admired by all. She loved to share her little paradise with all
November 22, 2007

My dear grandmother who passed May, 1987, from lung cancer. You would have loved to meet all the great grandchildren. We all keep you in our thoughts and are glad to know you are in heaven, released from the pain. I think of you often.
November 21, 2007

My father died 1 year ago today, he had struggled with COPD and When I remember the day my father died the heartache is still so strong. I have thought about him every day for the past year and I wish I could see him one last time. He was not a perfect man, but he was my hero - With all his personal demons he was the one person I could count on in this world. His quality of life had diminished over the
November 18, 2007

To you Jerry, my best friend. I think of you often and I miss you always. I thank you for giving me our children and for being a wonderful father. I thank you for the unconditional love that you had for me, that can never be matched. You were my best friend. You would be so proud of your girls, I hope you are watching over them from your spot in heaven. Missing you always.
November 18, 2007

It is coming up to two years that you died this January and its somehow like yesterday because my life will never be the same nor does the pain die , changes somewhat, becomes somewhat more manageable but leaves me with so many questions ? Lung Cancer took my mom and I pray to god it wont take me... if this is what we need to learn from ?- My mom the most beautifull woman in the world to me told me " It W
November 14, 2007

You were the best friend i ever had we faught a lot but I still loved hanging out with you. Even though you did not die from cigarettes you still were addicted to them and could not quit smoking. I will remember you as a loyal, brave, and a true friend.
November 7, 2007

Hey Dad. I just wanted you to know how much we miss you every day. Although we were young when you passed away, we will never stop missing you. Little things always come up that remind me of you - like when I look at the Tim McGraw CD you bought me, or hear a certain song or smell a certain smell. We know you are in a better place now - a place where you can breathe easily, a place where you can go ou
October 30, 2007

I would like to tell everyone who will read this that my uncle was a smoker up until the day he died. On December 20, 2006, uncle Aaron passed away shortly after saying that he was ready to meet his maker. He died be cause of emphysema, which he had been battleing for a couple of years before he died. I remember the day he died because I was helping my bus driver get to know the bus route better. I called
October 29, 2007

My sweet father left u Aug 13th 2007, he had stage 3 lung cancer, Dad im glad you went so peaceful, in your sleep surrounded by love ones, we all Miss you and Love you so much. Until we meet again I Love You.
October 21, 2007

I only just recently learned of Wilf's passing. He was a dear close friend of the family and my grandmother's companion later in her life (after his wife passed). He was a kind generous person who went that extra mile for anyone that crossed his path. After my grandmother's passing in 1990, connection with Wilf was intermittent. I will miss his smile and lengthy chats!
October 18, 2007

We will all miss you very much. Carole was so young, but thankfully lived a very full life.
October 1, 2007

My dear sister, Susan Leslie, died peacefully on September 2, 2007, five weeks shy of her 53rd birthday, from lung cancer which spread to her brain. Susan was a very talented lady. She cooked, quilted, made beautiful stained glass lamps and window designs; her latest passion was making hooked rugs from recycled wool clothing and she was an enthusiastic teacher of this old craft for over ten years. She lea
September 19, 2007

Ammi, thats what I called her, left us all on the 18th of feb 2007. She was suffering from lung cancer and her last days were spent in great pain. I hope and pray that she is in a better place now. I miss her and I love her. Lifes never been the same since she left and it will never be. may her soul rest in peace. Amen.
September 13, 2007


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