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RESPTREC Webinar Series

AstraZeneca has been a leader in moving the dial forward in lung health for all Canadians, and continues to lead in that space. At Lung Saskatchewan, our mission is to “improve lung health, one breath at a time.” Our opportunities to shape the future of lung health are strengthened by collaboration, innovation, and trusted partnerships.  

Our multi-decade history with AstraZeneca in the professional education space demonstrates leadership and impact that goes beyond the borders of one province. As a result of working towards effective, innovative ways to partner in the delivery of lung health information, the original RESPTREC videoconference series was born in the early 2000s. Thanks to AstraZeneca’s commitment to lifelong learning for respiratory educators, Lung Saskatchewan has hosted a variety of lung health-related topics presented by key opinion leaders from across the country. This webinar education has afforded respiratory educators and RESPTREC alumni the ability to deliver an informed, patient-focused health care experience to those living with lung disease.  

In 2023 we celebrate AstraZeneca’s leadership and vision as they continue to support our work in health professional spaces. Please join us as we commemorate our 20th year of the RESPTREC Webinar Series by attending our upcoming presentations! 

Upcoming Webinars

RESPTREC Primary Care and the Heart of COPD
5 Dec

Primary Care and the Heart of COPD

6:30 pm

Join us on Tuesday, December 5th at 6:30 pm (CST/SK) as Dr. Licskai and Dr. McKelvie discuss new clinical considerations and practical tools to optimize therapy in patients with COPD and comorbid cardiovascular disease.

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Did you miss a webinar in this series? Check out the library of previously recorded webinars on Lung Saskatchewan’s Professional Education Portal. Once registered, enjoy free access to this webinar series and more!

This series is sponsored by AstraZeneca through an unrestricted educational grant.