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Have you ever struggled to catch your breath? In Saskatchewan, one in five people do. The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is working on new and innovative ways to enhance partnerships to do our part to find solutions for emerging public health issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. The research being done in our great province is world class, paving the way for home-grown solutions at home and beyond.

Globally, Saskatchewan is recognized for leading-edge research in respirology which relates to issues we face at home. Saskatchewan residents are exposed to radon, secondhand smoke from cannabis and tobacco, farm chemicals, and other threats  to lung health. These threats prompt important studies into: asthma; interstitial lung disease; lung transplantation; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); obstructive sleep apnea (OSA); and lung cancer. Research in these important areas informs treatment at home and sparks global collaborations.

Meet Dr. Mark Fenton.

One such researcher, Dr. Mark Fenton, a respirologist and researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, was born at the very hospital where his research takes place. Dedicated to advancements in the field of respirology, he works alongside many colleagues in the academic union who are also Saskatchewan-born, and those who have moved here to add value to our great province. Together, they are world leaders in lung health. Much of Dr. Fenton’s research is based on Indigenous respiratory health, obstructive sleep apnea and lung transplantation.

He is one of many professionals working to bring breath to our province. “There are people that work down the hallway that the rest of the world comes to for advice,” adds Dr. Fenton, “Saskatchewan is at the forefront of research—swinging above our weight. The more research, the better health outcomes,” shares Dr. Fenton.

When a patient comes to a doctor with a concern, they may not be thinking about all of the research that has been done to ensure the safety and efficacy of their personalized treatment plans. There is a trust there.

Every dollar you give stays in Saskatchewan.

Every dollar raised for research in Saskatchewan stays in Saskatchewan. Provinces that invest in health research have better outcomes for their citizens. The two are intimately tied. Every dollar raised by The Lung Association of Saskatchewan directly impacts treatment of loved ones at home.

Every dollar you give is doubled!

Did you know that over the next five years The Lung Association of Saskatchewan has partnered with the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation to contribute $ 1 million dollars to respiratory research? This means, every dollar you give will be multiplied!

Every dollar you give supports Saskatchewan lung health research.

Annually, a series of grants will be awarded by The Lung Association of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation to address many important lung health issues. In 2020, two important studies in understanding sleep apnea and what happens when people are exposed to secondhand cannabis smoke were granted. We are thrilled to introduce you to these Saskatchewan researchers:

Dr. Donna Goodridge


Understanding Sleep Apnea, and Sticking to Treatment Plans.

Do you, or does someone you know, stop breathing at night? Sleep apnea can cause serious physical, cognitive, and emotional problems if left untreated. The Lung Association is partnering with Dr. Donna Goodridge from the University of Saskatchewan and her team to improve health literacy and self-efficacy on treatment.


Dr. Nicole Hansmeier with Dr. Tzu-Chiao Chao


What Happens When a Person is Exposed to Cannabis Smoke?

From public places to private homes, everyday people who are not choosing to consume cannabis themselves are exposed to cannabis smoke. So what effect will this have on those exposed to secondhand smoke?  Dr. Nicole Hansmeier and Dr. Tzu-Chiao Chao from the University of Regina will look at the molecular effects of secondhand cannabis exposure.


Thank you for supporting lung health research in Saskatchewan!

Page Last Updated: 06/08/2020