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Breathing As One

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36,000,000 PEOPLE. 1 BREATHTAKING VISION. Just as our lungs work in unison, Canadians are rallying together to raise our voices and take on the challenges to our collective breathing. Breathing as One is an ambitious national fundraising campaign that will support The Lung Association’s innovative research effort – the National Respiratory Research Strategy. By opening up the channels of communication and connection as never before, we will reduce risk, prevent disease and come up with elusive cures. Breathing as One, we will make our homes, automobiles, urban centers, malls, parks, schools, office buildings and factories healthier. Breathing as One, we will ignite exciting new possibilities in the lab,  motivate policy makers and trigger a shift in our behaviours and priorities. We all share the same air. United under the banner of Breathing as One: The Campaign for Lung Research, we will share our resources and resolve to make lung health and breathing our number One priority.

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Page Last Updated: 16/07/2020