How To Use This Site

There are four main ways to search or browse the database of Prescription Drugs for Lung Diseases:


When you enter a word or phrase into the search, the results will show all occurances of that word or phrase in any of the four categories.

For example, to find information about the FloventŪ Diskus, you could search any of the following words: flovent, fluticasone, glaxosmithkline or asthma.

You could also search for a partial word; for example, searching for the word 'glaxo' brings up both GlaxoSmithKline and Glaxo Wellcome Inc.


You can also choose to browse any of the four categories, which will allow you to choose from a complete listing for that category.

For example, clicking on 'Browse by Lung Diseases' will display the complete list of diseases available in the database. Clicking on a particular disease will display the drugs available for that disease.