Wall of Remembrance

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The Lung Association's Wall of Remembrance is dedicated to people who have died of lung disease. This is a place to write your tribute to the special person in your life with asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, tuberculosis or other type of lung disease. Your message will be posted here for people to read around the world.

You may also make a memorial donation to remember your loved one.


Wall of Remembrance


"Ma", you meant so much to so many people. It's still hard to believe you're gone. You taught us so much about family and true love. You will always be the cornerstone of our family. We pay tribute to you by loving each other.
May 27, 2004

Ed, it's me your neighbor. I want you to know I quit smoking June 26, 2003 and here it is almost 1 year since. I owe this to you. I tried so many times and just knowing you and all your battles with smoking is what helped me. In a news paper article you said if you could just help stop one person from lighting up, or help one person to quit, then you would be happy. Well, I am one of those people. I o
May 27, 2004

This is dedicated to the memory of my loving father Antonio Rego. He died of lung and lymphnote cancer. Dad you will always be in my heart and I'll never forget you. Through the good and bad times, you were always there. Love your daughter Natalie.
May 18, 2004

your were so young to die i love you like a sis and always we miss you and hope god looks out for you up there
May 12, 2004

Josef you will be truly missed! I will miss you walking down the hallway and giving me a quick smile. Greyhound 4Life!!! I love you!
May 4, 2004

Pastor Joe you are truly loved and truly missed. I've got the mirror in a safe place(smile). Love Monicalynn
April 30, 2004

This is in remembrance of my Wonderful, Wonderful Dad. In 6 days, on May 4, 2004 it will be one full year since you left us at 5:36 a.m. that Sunday morning...Our memories of you are so clear and near to our hearts and always will be. You had a wonderful sense of humor, right up until that grey day. You were so strong. On November 1, 2003 you were taken to the hospital suffering from Emphysema, but yo
April 28, 2004

Daddy, you are so brave. I almost forgot to say "goodnight and I love You". But, you know that you will always be in my heart. I remember talkting to you on the morning that you passed on and what we said. I can still see you sitting on the sofa and the pain I felt for you. My prayers were answered not because of my selfishness but, because of the love I have for you. You no longer suffer. You ar
April 27, 2004

On this day, I remember my Father. he was a wonderful man. He worked hard and his main concerns were the well beings of others. He always said that he was "alright". God Bless his as he moves on to be with our Lord. His work here is finished.
April 27, 2004

Hey my Darling, I sure do miss you and still can't believe that you are not with me. I lost my best friend on Feb 12,2004 and life will never be the same without you. I will always hold you close to my heart and you will always be with me till we meet again. You were such a good man. You always seen the best in everyone. I miss your sense of humour, the twinkle in your eye, your love and warmth, and
April 26, 2004

Mummy, you were very brave. You never smoked, drank or hurt anyone - for many years you have suffered . Rest in peace. We all love you.
April 25, 2004

In memory of the best mom a girl and family could have, she would be there for me in a heart-beat, I love my mom with all my heart, I miss her so deeply I can hardly stand not having her here to call or to turn to, She Left us with lots of memories,The time she shared with us for two months knowing she had to leave us, she was so strong and tryed to spare us the pain,, All the pain and heart-ach She bore,
April 23, 2004

she was like my secon mother and i loved her like one but smoking controlled her life .she got a blood clot and died after sergery and we all left her a little something in her coffin to keep her happy in heaven!
April 19, 2004

Herb was a great man. He dided from cancer caused by smoking. He would always tell his children not to start smoking and they all obayed them.
April 19, 2004

Norma-Jean You will live on in your family's hearts forever. After a long difficult battle with Emphysema, my sister passed away at the young age of 50. She courageously fought for years to gain the strength to have a lung transplant so she could devote the remainder of her life to helping others that were suffering from illness. Never seeing people with her eyes, only with her heart - the way she wishe
April 13, 2004

My dad passed away on February 12th, 2004 after a long and painful battle with lung cancer at the age of 56. I still can't believe he is gone away from us. I never realized until the funeral the effect he had on others around him. My dad somehow always brought the best out of everyone, never had an enemy in his life and was everything I could have ever asked for in a father. Cancer has effected us all
April 10, 2004

To my Dad whose time was too short on this earth. My purpose for writing this letter is that everyone who reads this will quit smoking TODAY. My Dad put it off and put it off until it was too late. There was always something going on that prevented him from quitting. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and all the years of procrastination had caught up with him. There were so many things left
April 2, 2004

I miss you grandpa! I love you soo much! you kept on smoking so much and I wish that you would of stoped and you would be here today! I love you and I miss you! ~* Sara D*~
March 31, 2004

You were a great grandfather too me, even though I had never met you. I did a report on you once in history class. I don't actually know what to say because I did not really know you. I won't forget who you were and who you were to me. I love you. Rest in peace. Your loving grand dauther, Simera.
March 31, 2004

Antonio was the husband of Ilda Rego. He was born in Sao Miguel, the son of the late Francisco Do Rego and the late Maria Da Gloria Do Rego. He had three brothers, Francisco, Humberto, and Godofredo Rego; and two sisters Maria De Jesus and Deolinda Baptista.He lived in Fall river for 18 years. Antonio had two sons; Antonio J. Rego and Paul J. Rego, and four daughters, Natalia Botelho, Carolina Aguiar, Sus
March 30, 2004

This is dedicated to the memory of my loving father Antonio Rego. He died of lung and lymphnote cancer. Dad you will always be in my heart and I'll never forget you. Through the good and bad times, you were always there. Love your daughter Natalie.
March 21, 2004

Antonio was a loving grandfather, brother, son, uncle and father, he was kind to everyone and lived life to the fullest until he passed.
March 19, 2004

nina was a wanderful woman she cared for people very much she faught hard when she got sick and god took her home so that she could be in peace
March 18, 2004

Known well by only by a few hundred people, my widowed mother had the sort of impact on a few that sends ripples out to thousands of others. She made simple human kindness the centrepiece of her life. Housebound with emphysema for her last few years until her death at the age of 66 in 2003, she worked the telephone and the postal service to full advantage, maintaining contact with old friends and extend
March 18, 2004

Papa, you were the best dad a girl could ever hope for. I love and miss you more than words can express. All that is good in me is because of you. I wish you could have lived to see your grand kids. We talk about you often and they know and love you too. You will never be forgotten. Love always, Alisha xo
March 16, 2004

A very dear person has left me on December 23, 2003, his fight was mighty and his strength was ever so dear to me. My husband of 5 years at the age of 31 has gone on to rest in his eternal life. I share this with all of you...... Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, but remember Marco in every tomorrow. Remember the joy , the laughter, the smiles, his only gone to rest a little while. Although
March 16, 2004

in loving memory of a beautiful mam and nanna a devoted wife of the late don, were gonna miss you mam ,no one to have a moan with,about lifes ups and downs,me and our sandra nathan and portia are really missing you already but we truly hope that you have been reunited with my dad take care mam wherever you are love you the world beloved daughters julie and sandra grandkids nathan and portia xx
March 16, 2004

March 15, 2004

Don had bilateral confluent pneumonia and passed away December 25, 2003. After having the flu for three days. The same flu my son & I had. I miss my husband very much. We were always together except at work, and even then connected with each other 3 times a day or more. I don't understand why I am here on earth and he is not. He was my best friend and soulmate, we were married 12 years and fully expected
March 10, 2004

In memory of my nephew Jeremy Kaimi ho' omai Kai ana Okalani Kualapai. He slipped into an asthma induced coma aon Nov. 8,2003 and was pronounced dead on Nov. 14, 2003 at the age of 13. He was laid to rest one week before his 14th birthday. Jeremy was a very loving young man so pure of heart and soul. He loved soccer, was a very talented Hula dancer here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and he loved Video Games
March 10, 2004

Ellen C. Gillenwater, 61 died on October 23, 2001 in Venice, Florida. She was great!!!!!!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!
March 9, 2004

Grandma I will always remember you. You taught me so much. You always taught me to love everybody!! We all miss you!! I wish you could be here know to see Tay-Tay and all the family but you will always be in our heart!!!
March 9, 2004

A great lady died today. She wasnt a leader or a famous doctor, a war hero or a sports figure. She wasnt a business tycoon, and you will never see her name in the financial pages. But, she was one of the greatest ladies that ever lived...She was my grandmother. I guess you might say that she was a person who was never interested in getting credit or receiving honours. She did things like pay bills on
March 9, 2004

Reading all of these memorials have give me the strengh to help me thourgh this desease.Iwas recently told i have COPD, i'm 47 my son is 15 months old. I don't know how long i'll be around for him.These stories will not be in vain, i'll preach to everyone i know who smokes what they ars distroying.May God Bless All of You
March 6, 2004

This is in memory of my dear dear grandpa who died of cancer when I was weeks away from birth. Although I never met him, he will always mean so much to me. I hope one day I will finally meet him . . . in heaven.
March 6, 2004

Grandpa your family misses you so very much. I know that you felt the wonderful love around you when you passed. I can only hope that when it is my time I will have the love of family and friends as much as you. I will ALWAYS love you and think of you everyday.
March 5, 2004

My grandpa died because of one too many cigaretts. Grampse I love you I hope that i see you in hevean again.
March 4, 2004


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