Wall of Remembrance

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The Lung Association's Wall of Remembrance is dedicated to people who have died of lung disease. This is a place to write your tribute to the special person in your life with asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, tuberculosis or other type of lung disease. Your message will be posted here for people to read around the world.

You may also make a memorial donation to remember your loved one.


Wall of Remembrance


Grandpa, you were such an important part of my life and the backbone of our family. It has been 16 years since your passing of Cancer, and never a day goes by when you are not missed terribly. I hope to see you again someday...
March 2, 2004

my grandma was a great lady. she died on febuary 10th 2004. she had lung cancer and i am going to miss her very much. she was a god loving women and lived her life for christ
February 18, 2004

My dear, sweet mother died on Sunday, February 8, 2004 at 5:58 am at the Cornerstone Hospital of Houston. My mother died from Severe Congestive Heart Failure and Pulmonary Obstructive Lung Disease. My mother is my best friend and my memories of my mother will always be in my heart. My parents would have been married for 47 years on February 10. I wish that this was only a dream and that my mother coul
February 16, 2004

this is for everyone who died from smoking or from seconde hand smoking , god will always love you no matter wat / so quit smoking .
February 16, 2004

I am sorry you never got to see my chidlren or meet my wonderful wife. The last years of your life were so painful for you. I just got my life together and you were gone. I wonder if you can see me now! I want you to know I threw away those awful cigarettes. I miss your freindship Grandpa. Love you. Joe
February 15, 2004

I have smoked for 37 years and am just now quitting.To late.Now I just have a short time left. If you smoke,quit while you still have a life.Quit while you can still breathe.I have a 4 year old great nephew that I won't get to watch grow up. He thinks the world of me.I can't stand the fact that I am going to hurt him very badly when I die.And the rest of my family too. I am going to hurt these people I lo
February 14, 2004

In memory of Norma Ruth Filbey my beautiful grandma who stood by my side no matter what I did whether I was right or wrong. You were lost so suddenly however I can assure that you changed my life forever. I now see life the way you had always told me I could. There is not a day that goes past that you are not in my thoughts, I know you are my guardian angel. In my heart I know you are in a better place. Y
February 10, 2004

Daddy, You faught a long 6 months with COPD. I thought you were going to beat this disease, you over came so many other health issue's such as cancer and all the other issues. You were so couragious to continue to fight this disease! I just hope one day I can be that couragious and fight if i ever shall come apon such a diease as COPD. I miss you so much more than words can say. Jan 13th 20
February 8, 2004

My name is Julia. My Grandma died from COPD when I was 12 years old. I am now in college and was assigned a research paper for my Compusition class. I was told to pick something that I wanted to find out about. The only thing I could think of was COPD. For 7 years I have always wondered what took the most wonderful Grandma in the world away from me. I never knew how much I would miss her. AS I was prepari
February 2, 2004

My name is Julia. My Grandma died from COPD when I was 12 years old. I am now in college and was assigned a research paper for my Compusition class. I was told to pick something that I wanted to find out about. The only thing I could think of was COPD. For 7 years I have always wondered what took the most wonderful Grandma in the world away from me.
February 2, 2004

Dear Abe, To a loving husband, father and friend. You touched the lives of many people in your day. You taught us how to be ourselves and be our best. Your life and love has left a mark on all of us down here who knew you. We hope yuor pain is gone now. We all miss you.
January 30, 2004

To my Brother Paul.I miss you very much .We were in W.W 2 together and you went thru hell for the Freedom that we all enjoy today .Brother Paul I miss your phone call on my Birthday and I miss calling you .Now my wife Sarah is dying from what you died from.If we only had our lives to live over .We would not have ever smoked .I know you have no pain and are with MOM & POP and Sister Eleanora.Where imortals
January 24, 2004

Poppa: We miss you and remeber you everyday. Please watch over Gran and the rest of us. I'm sorry we didn't have more time. Love, KK
January 21, 2004

To my mother who fought a long battle with COPD, you are a brave woman. Thank you for the life you gave us. You will be remembered always. I always knew you should stop smoking, but I understand why you couldn't. Rest in peace. Your son, Jay
January 15, 2004

Just Jack... Every night and every mourn Some to misery are born; Every mourn and every night Some are born to sweet delight. -William Blake As I sit here missing you so much that my heart hurts, I find myself ever so grateful to have had you in my life. I struggle daily to understand why you had to leave so soon, but I find comfort in the fact that the asthma can't hurt you anymore, and I
January 14, 2004

mum i miss you still please give me your strength to cope.
January 14, 2004

Though i only knew you for four great years, i miss you deeply. To see the pain in my mother's eyes when we talk about you. We all miss you and we'll all be together oneday up above. Love Katy
January 11, 2004

I miss you Dad, one day we'll meet up again though, one day the tears will stop and we'll be together again.
January 7, 2004

dearest mother and father. all your children long for your presence in our lives. I will soon be joining you, for I am also sick. I am sorry I didnt follow your advice. until we meet again.
January 5, 2004

Mother Please help me find the strength to quit smoking. I miss you terribly and need you
January 4, 2004

Dearest Dad I think of you each day and hold all the good memories close to my heart.. It was not Christmas without you these past two years.. It has been 2years since that sept first morning that I had to let you go.. You may be gone but you are not forgotten.. Tracy and the kids talk of you so much.. We cry sometimes and then we laugh sometimes thinking of the things you used to say and do....But unt
December 30, 2003

It's been a year since you left us... I want you to know that I sense your presence nearby often, especially when I hear beautiful music, or hear a joke, or watch a lovely movie. You will be missed this Christmas, and always. Love, Jule.
December 23, 2003

You were my oldest but always my baby--not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you so much----you are a grandpa now of 2-how I wish you could see them---I love you so
December 18, 2003

We all miss you so much----your son and your grandson are minister's now--I know you would be so proud of them--We will always carry you in our hearts
December 18, 2003

I may of only met you twice i still miss you so much.I wish you never had that heartattck love ya. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox:(xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox miss you
December 16, 2003

In loving memory of my mom, Who passed away on May 31 Of lung cancer Due to emphysema We will miss you always Forget you never Love you forever from all the Fay's Rest In Pease xo
December 15, 2003

I wish with all my might that I could have convinced you to quit sooner. Now I miss you with ever cell in my body, the same way you craved the smokes.
December 15, 2003

Mom lost her battle with COPD June 14th 2003. It was a tough battle which she fought with courage, never giving up until it became impossible for her to catch her next breath. Mom loved life and instilled that love in all of her five children- Diane, Linda, John, Maureen and Mike. Family was, and is, everything to us. She was "Mom" to everyone who knew her... she had that way about her. She loved everyo
December 15, 2003

Linda was my shining light. Never scared to stand and fight and make the most of all she had. She met her match in cancer though and it has finally laid her low. How I miss that light of hers. My life is dark without her.
December 15, 2003

In loving memory of Joy, Joy & Iwere very good friends. She left this world Dec 3rd She leaves behind 2 young daughters Jennifer & Jillian & husband Jason. She will be sadly missed Love always from your Friend Jeannie We will never forget you Joy.
December 14, 2003

This is for my sister who died of lung cancer at a very young age of 61. It was a terrible shock when she called to tell us the bad news. I love my siser dearly and miss our chats on yahoo and her birthday is this month and it will be hard not getting a phone call from her. I know she is in heaven with the Lord and her suffering is done. We will always love and miss you Melissa. Your loving sister Verna
December 14, 2003

This is for my grandfather who died of lung cancer in 1991. He died in Arizona with my grandmother holding his hand. My family and I traveled to Arizona to attend his funeral.
December 11, 2003

This is for my Dad, who passed away in hospital on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003. Dad was diagnosed with emphysema many years ago, and was on oxygen for the past ten years. But, he was a hero to me, my brother, and our Mother (who passed away in November). Mom suffered from chronic clinical depression, and thus needed full-time care for all personal needs. Dad was always there for her, in spite of his
December 10, 2003

You are not forgotten Dad; Nor will you ever be. As long as love and life exist, We will remember thee. Your grandbabies miss you and speak of the times we were together. I miss you and think of you daily. You were taken too soon by your nasty habit-too bad you didn't believe it could happen to you. A&E have learned from you how bad cigarettes are and will not kill themselves the same way. I wish with a
December 7, 2003

Hey there Uncle Cleo. I will always love and miss you. You were always there to keep me safe. Eight years later on the same day of your death I gave birth to Branden Cleo Bennett. He is now the light of my life the same as I was yours. We visit you often and I tell him stories of you. I know God took you as my guardian angel. And now you are with us no matter where we go. Love your niece, Carolee (yo
December 6, 2003


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