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At The Lung Association, Saskatchewan we value the contribution and leadership of our volunteer Board of Directors who dedicate their time and talent freely to fulfill a very important governance and stewardship role for our organization.

At our Annual General Meeting on April 21 we were pleased to welcome Karen Davis (Saskatoon), to the position of Chair of the Board of Directors of The Lung Association, Saskatchewan.

Karen is a long serving and extraordinary volunteer! As a dietician for the Saskatoon Health Region and Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) she has provided expert advice and consultation to the Lung Association on nutrition as it affects respiratory health for over 30 years. Karen began her volunteer work as the dietitian for Discovery Asthma Camp in 1988. Her interest and expertise in patient chronic disease management also lead her to contribute to The Lung Association's professional education curriculum, and she currently serves on both the Provincial board of directors and the Canadian Lung Association board.

Karen lives the Lung Association's vision: 'healthy lungs for everyone' as fitness and breathing are vitally important to her. She is an avid cyclist and downhill skier and we are pleased to have her on our team helping everyone in Saskatchewan one breath at a time.

Karen Davis, Board Chair

We would also like to thank Pat Smith (Regina) who stepped down from the position of Chair of the Board of Directors after two years in the position.

Pat Smith, Board Past Chair

Pat Smith began volunteering with the Lung Association, Saskatchewan in 1998 when we began the first health professional asthma education program in the country. As a result she was one of the very first pharmacists in Canada to achieve the credential of a Certificate Respiratory Educator (CRE). In 2003 Pat joined our volunteer Board of Directors and then moved to the position of Chair of the Board in 2014.

Her passion and expertise in lung health has improved the quality of life of countless people. For years she worked with the Lung Association and family physicians conducting spirometry and patient education. Pat received the Patient Care Achievement Award for Specialty Practice in 2004 and the Centennial Pharmacist's Award in 2007 from the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, as well as numerous awards on behalf of the Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Association, Safeway, and the Lung Association.

Pat is an artist and avid traveller. Pat remains on the board in the position of Past Chair and we are very glad we will continue to benefit from her knowledge and leadership. Thank you Pat for helping the Lung Association's mission 'to improve lung health one breath at a time'. We look forward to continuing our work together!


Marlene Donally donates $10,000 to fund lung health education initiatives in Saskatchewan.
Marlene Donally donates $10,000 to fund lung health education initiatives in Saskatchewan.

Adjusting to life post-COPD diagnosis

"I was diagnosed with emphysema (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) more than 15 years ago, and first had to come to terms with the guilt of causing my disease after smoking for 41 years. Good doctors and caring staff at the Saskatoon Field House Pulmonary Rehab Program, as well as a positive attitude, have helped me to maximize my life."

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WHL Lung All-stars

Lung All-Stars

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2016-2017 Lung Challenge in partnership with all five Saskatchewan WHL teams! We presented to and exercised with almost 10,000 children across the province!

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