When I first joined the Lung Association many years ago, our slogan was “It’s a Matter of Life and Breath.” We have used other slogans over the years but this one still resonates best with me, perhaps because from our first breath to our last breath, the air that we breathe in and out is our greatest physical interaction with the world around us.

Perhaps that is why breathing idioms are part of our language. We “catch our breath” or “take a breather” when we need a rest. When things go well we can “breathe easy”. Something amazing can “leave us breathless” and something new and promising is a “breath of fresh air”. If someone is not agreeing with you, then you are told “don’t waste your breath” and if some expectation is unlikely to be met, then you are told “don’t hold your breath”.

Breathing continues automatically without us thinking about it, but we can consciously control our breathing to do things like talk, sing, whistle, play wind instruments and blow out candles. We take breathing for granted, but when we are left “short of breath” or “gasping for breath” it’s a different story.

Please take good care of your lungs and help us to help those who can’t breathe easy.

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Brian Graham, CEO
Lung Association of Saskatchewan

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Winter 2016

Thank you to all the schools and players from the WHL teams who participated in the 2015 Lung Month Challenge – Focus. Breathe. Play Hard. 



Players from the Saskatoon Blades and Regina Pats gave lung health presentations to 3500 students in Regina & Saskatoon. These students then sold tickets to a Lung Association WHL game night in support of their respective schools, The Lung Association, and the WHL teams. Thank you to everyone who took part, including the staff and volunteers of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

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Fundraising icon

Saying Good-bye to a Fundraising Icon.

In February of each year, The Lung Association typically activates a call centre to recruit volunteers for our annual Asthma & Allergies Residential Campaign that takes place June 1 – 7 in communities across Saskatchewan.  Our army of dedicated volunteers knocked on doors in their neighbourhood to raise funds in support of our programs and services in the area of asthma and allergies.  However, after many years of success and gracious support, we have retired the Asthma & Allergies Residential Campaign.

We would like to express our lung felt appreciation to our volunteer City Coordinators, Area Captains, Zone Captains, and Canvassers who made this longstanding campaign a tremendous success. Also, thank you to the residents across our great province for their generous donations.



Thank you to our dedicated donors.

Our annual ArtWorks for Lung Health Campaign is an opportunity for the volunteer Board of Directors and staff at The Lung Association to express our gratitude to our dedicated donors for supporting the vital work of achieving our vision of healthy lungs for everyone in Saskatchewan.  The programs, services, quality education, and support that our residents with lung disease rely on are possible because of your generous donations.

Click here to see our exclusive array of 12 Canadian art pieces.


Christmas Seals

Christmas Seals

Thank you so very much for making a difference in the lives of the residents of Saskatchewan living with lung disease by supporting our 2015 Christmas Seals Campaign.  As of mid-January we are $4,500 short of our $168,500 goal, however, we continue to receive Christmas Seals donations throughout the year!.

To support Christmas Seals, click here.


Thank you to our dedicated donors.

There are opportunities for people with lung disease to participate in research studies with Saskatchewan researchers.  If you are interested, please email info@sk.lung.ca for more information.

Questions about your lungs?
Call our helpline: 1-888-566-5864 or info@sk.lung.ca

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