$120,000 for new asthma research in Saskatchewan!
I am delighted to inform you that the Lung Association was able to fund three new asthma research grants in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. These one-year grants of $40,000 each were funded equally by the two organisations. Grant applications were invited from across the province and reviewed by an expert panel. Only grants with a high ranking were funded. All three grants were made to scientists in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan who are conducting the following research projects:
Dr. Veronica Campanucci will study the role of a newly identified receptor in the lung in the inappropriate immune response that leads to inflammation of the lung airways in asthma.
Dr. John Gordon will investigate the ability of cells derived from bone marrow and loaded with specific allergens to switch off the cells that produce inflammation in the lung associated with asthma.
Dr. Joshua Lawson previously found approximately 20% of children living in urban areas have asthma compared to 14% among those living on a farm. He will measure dust levels and the components of the dust to determine the role of dust in explaining urban-rural differences in asthma rates.

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Brian Graham, CEO
Lung Association of Saskatchewan

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Volume 1, Issue 10


Forest Fires and Lung Health

Warm, sunny weather with no rain in the forecast.  Sounds great.  Unfortunately, this type of weather can also add to the forest fire risk.  Smoke from forest fires can be a health hazard for anyone spending time outdoors, and especially for those suffering from lung disease.  View our Forest Fires and Lung Health fact sheet.

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How Much Sleep Do We Need

Tips for travelling

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has issued a statement regarding how much sleep adults need.  The statement says:  adults should sleep seven or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote good health.  They also say that less than seven hours of sleep per night can lead to health problems, or make existing problems worse.  This includes weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke.  The quality of your sleep is also important.  Sleep apnea can rob people of a restful sleep.  Learn more about sleep apnea.










Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy our beautiful country.  Perhaps there is a wedding or family reunion you would like to attend.  Here are some travelling tips for people with lung disease:

  1. Ask yourself if you are well enough to travel.  Be honest with yourself and your family.
  2. Visit your doctor well in advance of the trip and renew any prescriptions that may run out while you are away.
  3. Purchase cancellation insurance and read the ‘fine print’.
  4. Consider the conditions at your destination.  Think about the humidity, heat, altitude and the presence of any forest fire smoke or air pollution.
  5. If you are flying and use home oxygen, contact the airline, your doctor and your oxygen supplier well in advance of your trip (suggest 2 months).
  6. Keep all your medications in your carry-on baggage in the original containers.  

If you have any other questions about travelling you can contact our helpline or your nearest certified respiratory educator.

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Asthma in Pre-school Children

Asthma in Pre-school Children

Does your pre-schooler have asthma?  How should asthma in pre-school children be treated?

These can be difficult questions for both parents and physicians.

The Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS), the medical section of the Canadian Lung Association, has recently published guidelines to address these issues.  The guidelines can be accessed at: http://www.respiratoryguidelines.ca/guideline/asthma

More information about childhood asthma is available through the Lung Association website.

We are excited to provide a webinar on childhood asthma on Tuesday, September 15 at 6:30 Saskatchewan time with Dr. Sharon Dell.


Flavoured Tobacco: Federal and Provincial Legislation Update


There have been several developments recently regarding flavoured tobacco legislation in Canada, particularly with regards to the prohibition of mentholated cigarette sales.
The following link provides a brief update on what is occurring in Saskatchewan and across Canada with flavoured tobacco sales restrictions: http://blog.lung.ca/2015/07/update-on-flavoured-tobacco-products-in-saskatchewan/

The growing push for flavoured tobacco policy has been driven by the suggestion that the availability of flavoured tobacco may be encouraging youth to use products they may otherwise avoid. The Lung Association, in partnership with students at the School of Public Health at the University of Saskatchewan, advocated for the banning of flavoured tobacco products to members of the Saskatchewan and Opposition parties respectively this past April. The presentation is available here: http://www.slideshare.net/lungsk/flavoured-tobacco


Share The Air

The Air Raffle winners

The air out there eventually becomes the air in you!  That is why The Lung Association of Saskatchewan, in partnership with SaskEnergy, is fighting for clean air in our great province.

We are delighted with the success of the 14th annual Share The Air Raffle.  This year’s draw took place at the SaskEnergy head office in Regina on June 5 along with a short program emceed by JC Garden, CTV’s Assistant News Director and special guest Don Narcisse, former Saskatchewan Roughrider.

Terry and Sandy Wiltermuth were the grand prize winners of $53,696.25 in tax-free cash.  Terry and Sandy said, "We support the Share The Air Raffle because lung health is important to us.  We are both from large families and have seen first-hand the impact that lung disease can have on a family member."

Thank you for supporting the 2015 Share The Air Raffle (Lottery License #LR14-0082). Read more and the see the complete list of 2015 Share The Air Raffle winners.


Social Media Highlights

Social Media Highlights

Our top visited web page, with 7696 page views, is the Forest Fires and Lung Health Fact Sheet.

The most searched phrase on our website since the last newsletter is for "stories about people with COPD".

Twitter followers retweeted Leonard Nimoy's daughter plans documentary about pulmonary disease that claimed his life more than anything else.

Our YouTube videos have been watched 1,486 times since April 1. The most watched video during this period is How to use an inhaler with spacer and mask with a preschooler followed closely by Living with Asthma. Be sure and check out the LungAssociationSK channel.

Read More About Social Media Hightlights.

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