Mission, Vision, Role and Values

Our Mission

To improve lung health one breath at a time.

Our Vision

Healthy lungs for everyone.

Our Role

Our role is to improve respiratory health and the overall quality of life through programs, education, research, training, treatment, and prevention of lung disease.

To achieve our mission we shall:

  • Enhance public awareness of the impact of respiratory diseases on the individual, family, community, and on the health delivery system;
  • Advocate increased support for education, research, training programs and a healthier environment;
  • Provide leadership in advocacy and programming;
  • Promote and support research into all aspects of respiratory health and disease;
  • Deliver effective evidence-based education materials, programs and services;
  • Support ongoing professional education initiatives to ensure optimum numbers of trained professionals;
  • Foster partnerships and collaborate with other organizations working towards lung health.

Our Values

  • We are an efficient, effective, professional organization, known for our integrity, honesty and fiscal responsibility.
  • We treat everyone with compassion, respect and dignity.

Page Last Updated: 03/11/2016