Smoking & Tobacco Use

Smoking & Tobacco Use


Saskatchewan has high smoking rates compared to the rest of the country. We estimate that there are 202,000 people who smoke in Saskatchewan. Smoking continues to be the number one preventable cause of lung disease and death. In Saskatchewan, a death due to tobacco use occurs every 8 hours.

Lung Association Actions

The Lung Association has a long history of lobbying all levels of government for legislation for tobacco control with the aims of protecting people from tobacco smoke and reducing tobacco use. The priority areas for the Lung Association are: establishing a smoking cessation intervention at every contact within the health care system; engaging First Nations in tobacco control and cessation programs; and promoting smoking cessation for people with mental health illnesses. Although the 2010 amendments to the Tobacco Control Act were helpful, our priority for new legislation is making multi-unit dwellings smoke-free. Currently, many families living in multi-unit dwellings are denied a smoke-free home because of tobacco smoke drifting into their home from other units.

The Lung Association provides smoking cessation services, smoking prevention programs in schools and information on tobacco hazards. The Lung Association developed comprehensive KNOW Tobacco resource guides that align with the new Saskatchewan health curriculum. These guides are the recommended resource by the Ministries of Education and Health for use in schools across the province.

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