Public Education & Awareness

Public Education & Awareness


One person in three will suffer from a lung disease at some time in their life. There is an alarming lack of awareness of lung health issues and consequences.

Lung Association Actions

Everyone has a right to a healthy environment. The Lung Association’s vision is healthy lungs for everyone with the goal to encourage and empower people to take good care of their lungs. The Lung Association provides extensive information on how lungs work and how to prevent lung disease. The Lung Association has on-line materials for school programs and conducts classroom visits to educate students about lung health. Community education and programming in the area of tobacco are conducted by the Lung Association of Saskatchewan’s Lung Squad, a team of health experts specialized in tobacco cessation and education. The Lung Association developed a new resource package for teachers.

The Lung Association participates in health fairs around the province and frequently provides spirometry demonstrations. The Lung Association also includes health awareness information in all of its fundraising materials.

The Lung Association participates in special “world days” for lung health:

The Lung Association regularly issues news releases and frequently participates in media interviews.
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Page Last Updated: 18/03/2019