Lung Health Care Professionals

Lung Health Care Professionals


In order for Saskatchewan residents to have the best lung health care possible it is necessary to have adequate numbers of health care professionals who are well trained in respiratory care.

Lung Association Actions

The Lung Association developed training courses for health care professionals to become Asthma and COPD educators. The RESPTREC® program is managed across Canada from here in Saskatchewan where it was developed. This has become Canada’s leading respiratory training program both in terms of numbers who take the course and in how well RESPTREC® grads score in national certification exams. A continuing education program is also provided to keep RESPTREC® grads up-to-date. Currently, the Lung Association has trained 230 health care professionals to be COPD and/or asthma educators in Saskatchewan.

Spirometry is a lung test used to diagnose and assess lung disease. The Lung Association developed and delivers the Spirometry RESPTREC® course, Canada’s only course for spirometry training that is endorsed by national societies. The Lung Association has trained 131 health workers in Saskatchewan to conduct quality spirometry.

Additionally, the Lung Association has trained over 100 physicians and nurse practitioners in Saskatchewan to interpret the results of spirometry through an accredited spirometry course that it provides across the province.

The Lung Association is an accredited placement for students in various Health Sciences programs at the University of Saskatchewan

The Lung Association Professorship program was established in 1975 when it brought the first respirologist to Saskatchewan. Currently there are 19 respirologists in the province and most of them were either recruited with a Lung Association Professorship, trained with Lung Association funding or trained by the University of Saskatchewan Respirology Division which receives Lung Association support. The Lung Association convenes meetings of the Saskatchewan Respirology Summit which provides a forum for all respirologists in the province to meet and establish provincial best practices and plans for respiratory care.

The Saskatchewan Thoracic Society is the health professional section of the Lung Association. The annual Education Day provides timely and important updates on lung health care issues.

The Lung Association convenes meetings of the Saskatchewan Home Respiratory Care Committee which advises the Ministry of Health on matters such as home oxygen therapy, provision of CPAP therapy for sleep apnea and home ventilation.

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