There are 100,000 Saskatchewan people living with asthma, including 35,000 children. Many asthma patients do not have access to diagnostic tools and management programs that are the recognised clinical standard of care.

Lung Association Actions

The Lung Association provides many resources for both adults and children with asthma. Lung Association health care professionals, who are Certified Respiratory Educators, provide expert consultations to asthma patients and their family members.

The Lung Association has completed a project to assess the benefits of having a Certified Respiratory Educator providing consultations and conducting spirometry in family physician offices. The results of the analysis of the project will be used to promote the availability of this service in all areas of the province.

The Lung Association works with the Saskatoon Health Region to provide Certified Respiratory Educator consultations and spirometry for children in inner-city schools. These children have reduced access to health care and high rates of lung problems.

The Lung Association is working to provide sufficient health care professionals working in asthma, including pediatric respirologists.

The Lung Association through its medical section, the Canadian Thoracic Society, produces the Canadian clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma.

Page Last Updated: 27/03/2018