Congratulations Dr. Brian Graham and Jill Hubick!

The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is thrilled to see two of our staff win prestigious awards in Canadian lung health - Dr. Brian Graham and Jill Hubick, RN, CRE!

Dr. Brian Graham is the winner of the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Lifetime Achievement award is for distinguished and devoted service of 15 or more years to The Lung Association, and whose personal activities and/or leadership and devotion to the mission of the organization are considered exemplary.

During Dr. Graham's four-decade career with The Lung Association of Saskatchewan, much of which was as President and CEO, he led in the development of the organization’s presence in research, education, health promotion and government relations. His acheivements were instrumental in making The Lung Association of Saskatchewan the thriving charity it is today. Dr. Graham was responsible for programs that provided opportunities for many physician specialists in respiratory care to train and stay in Saskatchewan to provide service and championed numerous lung health related advocacy efforts with government on many levels (municipal, provincial, federal). Under his leadership, Dr. Graham supported the development of RESPTREC which is now one of Canada’s premier and leading agencies for health professionals seeking advanced training in lung disease. Dr. Graham continues to contribute to RESPTREC and most recently created the RESPTREC Spirometry Refresher course. This course is based on the most recently published technical standards for the performance of spirometry for which he served as lead author.

A self-professed handyman, Dr. Graham is a known jack-of-all trades. Whether it were to fix something in the office, provide guidance on a project, or lend support to a colleague in need, Brian was there to provide leadership. We are proud and honoured to celebrate this lifetime achievement award with Dr. Brian Graham!!


Jill Hubick, RN, CRE is the winner of The Canadian Lung Association's Alan J. Macfarlane award. The Alan J. McFarlane staff award honors a Lung Association employee for contributing unique and outstanding service to the Association as recognized by their peers.

Since 2009, Jill Hubick has been a Registered Nurse and Certified Respiratory Educator with The Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  

Working in health promotion, Jill chaired the Take Action on Radon Saskatchewan Coalition to prevent lung cancer related to the deadly gas with partners in Saskatchewan and throughout the country. She was the lead author for The Canadian Lung Association's National Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis patient guide and has assisted in writing the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education's elementary school tobacco curriculum. She conducts spirometry testing and asthma education at St. Mary's community pediatric clinic.  

Jill uses her creativity by working with patients and community members to share their breathe stories to the public.  These breathe stories are a medium for public education, awareness and are also a way to invoke positive change.  Jill inspires volunteers, co-workers and partners with her passion of health, wellness and lung health! 

Congratulations Jill!

Page Last Updated: 29/10/2021