Youth4Change Launches Vape Flavours Campaign

Youth4Change has partnered with other youth groups across Canada to launch a letter-writing campaign to federal and provincial governments to ask for vape flavours (including mint/menthol) to be regulated.  

84% of people who have vaped are under the age of 25. Over 90% of youth begin vaping with a flavoured vape product, and majority continue to use flavoured vape products. Flavoured vape products are addicting a new generation of Canadian youth and kids. Vape and tobacco industries promote mint/menthol as an adult flavours, but latest data reveals mint as the second most popular flavour among Canadian youth. Vape flavours target kids.

Youth4Change is calling on the government to protect kids across Canada. You can help protect Canadian kids by making sure these changes are adopted on an urgent basis to reduce youth vaping.

Let the government know that you support this important regulation by emailing your government representative at

Page Last Updated: 01/06/2021