5 Tips to Help Control Your Asthma

Sarah, who is living well with Asthma.






Photo - Sarah, who is living well with asthma.

When you have control of your asthma, you're able to live a healthy and happy life. Jill Hubick, RN and CRE, has provided 5 Tips to Help Control Your Asthma.

1. Take your asthma medications as prescribed. Everyone with asthma should have a reliever inhaler. Always have your reliever inhaler with you.  Most people will also have controller medications that prevent asthma symptoms and should be taken daily.  

2. Identify and avoid environmental triggers (things that worsen asthma symptoms) as much as possible (E.g., dust, pollen, mould, smoke, air pollution, and animal dander).

3. Know what to do if your asthma symptoms worsen. If you have symptoms more than two days a week or need your reliever inhaler more than two times a week, your asthma is not controlled.
Have an updated asthma action plan

4. Maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Obesity has been tied to worsening of asthma symptoms and can limit the effectiveness of some medications. Asthma should not limit your physical activity.  

5. Don’t do it alone! Join the Lung Association’s Asthma Support Group, a safe place for people with asthma to come together and share their journey, learn about asthma education opportunities, and receive up-to-date evidence-based asthma information. 
Get your asthma questions answered. Contact The Lung Association to speak to a Certified Respiratory Educator. 
Call 1-888-566 LUNG (5864) – Toll-Free in Saskatchewan between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, or email us your question at info@sk.lung.ca.

Page Last Updated: 14/05/2021