Fact Check: COVID-19 vaccination

​With so much information coming at a person about COVID-19, sometimes it is difficult to tell facts from fiction. The Saskatchewan Health Authority recently began answering common questions on its Facebook and Twitter accounts in a series called “Vaccination You Asked…”.

Here are the "Vaccination You Asked" questions and answers from the last week. Original Article

Q: I heard the SHA is calling people to book COVID-19 vaccine shots. Did I miss my chance to be vaccinated if I missed your call?

A: No, you didn’t. We are currently calling people to book COVID-19 vaccinations. Please note that demand for the vaccine far outweighs our current supply but EVERYONE will have an opportunity to be vaccinated. When more vaccine arrives we will re-open clinics and vaccinate more residents. Also, you remain eligible in Phase 2 at any time in a younger group. Please be patient.

Q: What is the process to ensure that there are no wasted vaccine doses?

A: The SHA has a very clear work standard to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to minimize wasting any COVID-19 vaccine doses. On the occasion when there are unallocated or “extra” doses that cannot be put back into storage, the Immunization Team will work within the current priority phase to pull forward people who are already booked into the clinic for immunization, essentially moving them forward in the queue. If no one is available the Immunization Team will proceed to contact other current priority phase individuals who may be on standby and prepared to come directly for immunization. If that process is not successful, the Immunization Team may peer-to-peer immunize (note that immunization teams are a Phase 1 immunization priority group). If vaccine is still available the Immunization Team may offer the vaccine to a readily available candidate, with priority being given to individuals within the current phase.

Q: Why is one community done vaccination and we haven't started? Are we being skipped?

A: No. EVERYONE will have an opportunity to be vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine roll-out plan (currently in phase 1) is based on a number of factors and is focused on protecting our highest-risk residents first. This includes factoring in higher COVID-19 transmission risks in certain areas of the province. This means that some communities will have access to a clinic sooner than others. Please be patient as vaccine demand outweighs vaccine supply at this time.

Visit saskatchewan.ca/COVID19-vaccine for updates and information on COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Q: I heard from a friend who knows a nurse that she heard you can get vaccinated by calling a secret number. Is this true?

A: No, that's not true. SHA is making direct calls to eligible individuals and they will only book in people who are eligible in Phase 1. Follow the SHA on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and visit saskatchewan.ca/COVID19-vaccine for current and accurate information on COVID-19 vaccinations. Please be patient, EVERYONE will have an opportunity to be vaccinated.​

Page Last Updated: 09/03/2021