National Non-Smoking Week 2021

Guy jumping

This week is National Non-Smoking Week – a week focused on helping people to quit smoking and preventing people from starting to smoke. If you smoke, think about quitting today. If you don’t smoke, don’t start – your lungs will thank you.

Did you know a Canadian who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day can save nearly $5000 a year if they quit smoking?  Think of the amazing post-pandemic trip you could plan with that extra $5000! 

Cigarettes affect our ability to taste and smell. When you stop smoking, you experience a rejuvenation of your taste buds and sense of smell. Think of all the incredible foods you could eat or smells you can enjoy! 

After just 8 hours, your body begins to feel the effects of quitting smoking. Oxygen levels in your blood increase back to normal, which can give you more energy. Use that energy to get outside and enjoy some fresh air on a walk!

We know it won’t be easy to quit, but you got this! Call our Lung Helpline to speak to a smoking cessation specialist today!

Page Last Updated: 19/01/2021