Improving Lives...One Breath at a Time on CTV, January 16th at 9AM (CST)

COPD Video Poster


Together with Canadian Health & Family hosted by Dr. Marla Shapiro, The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is pleased to support an educational program Improving Lives...One Breath at a Time, featuring experts Dr. Darcy Marciniuk and Jill Hubick, along with three patients sharing their own personal journeys living with COPD.  

The program will air on CTV, January 9, 2021 at 9 AM (CST). The program will be featured as part of Canadian Health and Family on broadcast television and distributed online through various channels as well as to Family Physicians throughout Canada. The half-hour television series airs on CTV, as secured independent programming and focuses on disease prevention and awareness with Canada's most recognized medical experts. 

In this special edition, through an on-camera interview with Dr. Darcy Marciniuk, Jill Hubick of The Lung Association of Saskatchewan, and patients living with COPD, the show discusses symptoms to identify COPD and explores how early detection and education met with effective therapies can equip patients with the tools required to assist in treating and managing symptoms, while improving quality of life.


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