A Big Change to Vape Product Advertising & Packaging

This month saw mandatory health warnings and package requirements for vape products come into effect here in Canada. Last December, Health Canada published the final version of the Vaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations.

Under these new regulations, vaping products are now required to carry warnings that cover 40% of the principal display panel and an even greater percentage on small packages. Only one warning on addiction is required, even though the companies had previously included voluntary warnings on general health effects. These new warnings may not be immediately visible to Canadian consumers. Health Canada is reported to have agreed to the request of convenience stores to delay enforcement of the regulations until January 1, 2021.

Next month, you can expect to see less advertising for vape products across Canada. Health Canada has published regulations prohibiting vaping advertisements in public spaces where youth might be exposed. This ban will apply to all retail locations and online stores that sell vape products, with the exception of adult-only establishments.

Thanks to our work here in Saskatchewan, the government passed legislation earlier this year prohibiting the advertisement of vape products in spaces where youth may be exposed. This nationwide legislation is a big victory for the prevention of teen vaping.

Health Canada Vaping Products Promotion Regulations

Canadian Lung Association Press Release

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Page Last Updated: 17/07/2020