A new structure for the Lung Association

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A new structure for the Lung Association

Saskatoon, September 8, 2002: The Saskatchewan Lung Association has decided to make some major changes in order to create a structure that will be better positioned to fulfill our mission of improving respiratory health in Saskatchewan.  As part of the legal requirements to make these changes, public notices were posted in Saskatchewan newspapers today advising of the dissolution of the Saskatchewan Lung Association.

The Association will be dissolving August 31,2002 and allocating its assets to two new charities which have been formed.  The Lung Association of Saskatchewan will provide most of the services formerly provided by the Saskatchewan Lung Association.  The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan will hold an endowment fund, solicit capital gifts and make disbursements to support lung health activities.

The restructuring began some time ago. For the past two years, another newly created organisation, Discovery Asthma Camp, has been running the annual summer camp for children with asthma that the Lung Association began 14 years ago. This change proved to be successful in ensuring the continuation of the asthma camp and providing a needed service for Saskatchewan children.

Although these three new charities will operate independently of each other, they will share administrative services so that overhead costs will not be increased.  All three are autonomous organisations and are Saskatchewan-based with volunteer boards of directors.

The creation of the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan will provide an organisation with a specific focus on collecting and managing an endowment fund to ensure long-term funding for lung health activities in the province.  The Lung Association of Saskatchewan will focus on the development and delivery of lung health programs, education, research support, advocacy and general awareness of lung health issues, all of which are supported by fund raising campaigns.  The Lung Association of Saskatchewan will be a member of the Canadian Lung Association partnership.

These changes were not entered into lightly.  Over two years of study went into the planning and preparation for these changes.  Following approval by the Board of Directors, a special meeting of the general membership was held in May 2002 which adopted the plan.

It is hoped that the process will be as seamless as possible in terms of providing continuity of service.  All employees of the Saskatchewan Lung Association have been offered employment with the new Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  Arrangements have been made for all funding collected by the Saskatchewan Lung Association for specific purposes to be assigned to the new Lung Association of Saskatchewan so that it will continue to be used for those purposes.

The Saskatchewan Lung Association has been protecting lung health for more than 90 years. With the generous support of the public and the help of our volunteers, we have seen many advances against lung disease. However, our work is not finished. As we look toward our second century, we will continue to strive to make breathing easier for everyone. The Lung Association provides programs of education, community service, advocacy and research. The Saskatchewan Lung Association's activities are supported by donations to the Christmas Seals Campaign, Back the Attack on Asthma and Allergies, Spring Research Appeal, memorial donations, planned gifts and other voluntary contributions.

When you can't breathe, nothing else matters.


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