Policy update for CPAP benefit in Saskatchewan

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The SAIL Respiratory Equipment Program policy for the CPAP benefit has been updated to reflect recent program changes (implementation of a program fee on Oct. 1, 2017) and revised program eligibility criteria. This revised policy is effective February 1, 2018.

Program Highlights

After consultation with Sleep Specialists in Saskatoon and Regina, the Ministry updated program eligibility criteria to align with most jurisdictions in Canada and reflect current standards of care. 

Specifically, patients must:

  • have a level 1 or 3 sleep test completed in Saskatchewan that has been reviewed by a Sleep Specialist with privileges at a Saskatchewan Sleep Disorder Centre; and,
  • be diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea; or,
  • be diagnosed with symptomatic mild sleep apnea in a high-risk occupation (requisitioning limited to Saskatchewan Sleep Specialists only).

Previously, the only requirement was that CPAP should be requisitioned by a Saskatchewan respirologist.

Sleep Specialists with privileges at a Saskatchewan Sleep Disorder Centre are:

  • Dr. J. Dosman - Saskatoon
  • Dr. M. Fenton - Saskatoon
  • Dr. J. Gjevre - Saskatoon
  • Dr. R. Hafezi - Saskatoon
  • Dr. P. Patel - Regina
  • Dr. R. Skomro - Saskatoon
  • Dr. G. Sridhar - Regina

Patients who have previously been prescribed CPAP under existing policy are not required to be re-tested under the new criteria.


Policy Website - Respiratory Equipment Jan 2018- SO.pdf

SAIL CPAP Program Policy Update

Updates to the CPAP benefit to reflect recent program changes (implementation of a program fee on Oct. 1, 2017) and revised program eligibility criteria. Effective February 1st, 2018.

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SAIL CPAP Application Form

A revised CPAP Application form that will be in effect February 1st, 2018. CPAP has been removed from the existing Respiratory Equipment Application form.

This form is for your information, please take this form to discuss CPAP treatment with your physician and CPAP Supply Company.

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This information was received to The Lung Association by:

Sonja Orban, MPA
​Government of Saskatchewan
Senior Policy Analyst, Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch
Ministry of Health

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