The Saskatoon Poppy Fund Gives the Gift That Keeps On Giving – a Hyundai Hybrid!

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The Saskatoon Poppy Fund Gives the Gift That Keeps On Giving – a Hyundai Hybrid!

Saskatoon, December 14, 2011 – The Lung Association has enjoyed a long and meaningful relationship with the Royal Canadian Legions across Saskatchewan. "As a matter-of-fact, our relationship began with our war vets who were battling tuberculosis (TB) when the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League opened Fort San in 1917," recalls Brian Graham, The Lung Association's President & CEO. "Over the years Legion members have repeatedly demonstrated a high level of philanthropy by giving their volunteer time and financial resources in the fight against TB and other lung diseases," he adds."It was in 2002 that the Saskatoon Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund presented the Lung Association with a Venture Van and it was time to upgrade to a newer, energy efficient vehicle. The Hyundai hybrid was an excellent choice," says Gerry

Legion members present a Hyundai Sonata to the Lung Association

L-R: Harold Martinson, Branch 63; Jim Eaton and Al Boyce, ANAVETS Unit 38; John Peters and Gerry Tait, Branch 362; Patti Paul, TVS Branch 78; Brian Graham (Lung Association)


The new car, proudly displaying Royal Canadian Legion signage, will be seen across Saskatchewan since Lung Association employees are popular guest lecturers, conference presenters, partners, collaborators and key decision makers regarding lung health in Saskatchewan. The Royal Canadian Legion has made a strong contribution to our tremendous success. "During this season of giving we would like to recognize and thank the Royal Canadian Legion for this environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicle," says Dr. Graham.

About The Lung Association

Established in 1911, The Lung Association is Saskatchewan's oldest health charity. You have come to know and trust The Lung Association as the premier source for lung health in our province. All of our quality educational materials, programs, services and treatment guidelines are based on current evidence-based research. You will find The Lung Association active in communities across Saskatchewan conducting lung disease prevention and management programs that include asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, lung cancer and smoking cessation. The Lung Association also provides training for health care professionals, delivers health education in schools, facilitates patient support groups, and lobbies for clean air.

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Brian Graham, PhD
President & CEO
Phone: 667-3001 (Saskatoon)

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