Care and History of Indigenous Peoples

In 2014, the Lung Association began reviewing and searching out historical documentation to learn what role the Anti-Tuberculous League played in the history of Saskatchewan and the treatment of Indigenous people. We have renewed our commitment to continue our efforts through the new Care and History of Indigenous People project.  

At the Lung Association Saskatchewan, we are committed to reaffirming our path to reconciliation. We wish to acknowledge our 110-year history in Saskatchewan and take action to improve our commitment to serve and work with Indigenous populations and organizations of Canada.  

The Lung Association continues to review our programing, policies, and we are committed to reconciliation and equitable programming for Indigenous peoples.  We seek knowledge and understanding of our role in Truth and Reconciliation.  

We know there are people seeking historical information regarding their family member’s journey at a Saskatchewan Sanatorium. The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is working to consolidate and coordinate resources for individuals and families seeking information about their loved ones and their health care journey.

Project Plan:

Page Last Updated: 07/10/2021